Missionary Training Center (MTC)






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Structural Engineering

KPFF Portland Structural provided engineering design services for a missionary training center in the Western/Mountain Region of the United States for a religious institution. The project includes two six-story towers over a one-story below grade parking level. The steel framed building is designed for a third tower as part of a future building phase at the northeast corner of the site. The structure includes a large terrace over a conference room with a clear span of over 90’. Steel moment-resisting frames with SidePlate beam-column connections create the lateral force-resisting system. The total square footage of the towers and garage is over 530,000 square feet. The expanded campus will accommodate over 3,200 missionaries at the site. Through performance-based design by KPFF this teaching and office building achieved enhanced seismic reliability for occupant safety with minimal additional construction cost despite being located within one mile of the active Wasatch Fault.