Keck Graduate Institute Student Housing

Claremont, California

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Unit Student Housing Building


Acres Total Studenting Area


Square Feet of New Green Street Imrpovements
Keck Graduate Institute Student Housing

The project consisted of the construction of a new four-level, 279 unit (231,000 sf) student housing building with 9,000 sf of academic space. Additionally, the project proposed two new surface parking lots and modifications to existing parking areas within the entire 15 acres campus. The student housing is approximately 2.8 acres. The scope of civil engineering services were for the entitlement phase and precise grading plans.

Off-site improvements with Green street design implementation were also key elements to the Keck Graduate Institute project. This was the inaugural green street project within the City of Claremont. The design consisted of approximately 1,000 square feet of street-scape improvements along Bicknell Avenue and Wharton Drive. KPFF and design team collaborated with City engineers from the beginning to develop initial concepts through to finalizing the design, which the City will use to establish their final right-of-way requirements as well as their future city standards. Improvements included parkway swales, sidewalk extensions and bulb-outs, new paving, trees, and landscaping. These parkway swales will help filter some of the polluted street stormwater runoff. Street bulb-outs will build pedestrian friendly connections as well as help dissipate stormwater runoff and reduce the runoff velocity.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Green Streets
  • Low Impact Development
  • Parking Design
  • Site Development
  • Site Entitlement
  • Stormwater Management
  • Utility Infrastructure
Keck Graduate Institute Student Housing

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Keck Graduate Institute Student Housing

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