KPFF takes our commitment to environmental stewardship seriously.

Whether project related or within our office environments, our dedication to working sustainably and responsibly remains constant.

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Sustainability + Environmental Responsibility
Sustainability + Environmental Responsibility

KPFF is a Signatory of SE 2050

KPFF was a signatory of the Carbon Leadership Forum’s 2018 Structural Engineers 2050 Challenge and now KPFF is a signatory of Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Structural Engineers 2050 (SE 2050) Commitment Program which states that: “All structural engineers shall understand, reduce and ultimately eliminate embodied carbon in their projects by 2050.”

2024 Embodied Carbon Action Plan (ECAP)


LEED certified projects


Million Gallons of water saved


Net-Zero Projects
Cooley Landing Education Center

Cooley Landing Education Center

East Palo Alto, California
11th & Idaho

11th & Idaho

Boise, Idaho
Sustainability + Environmental Responsibility Sustainability + Environmental Responsibility

KPFF has LEED Accredited Professionals across the country who stay at the forefront of sustainable practices through ongoing training, technology seminars and conferences, and sharing of knowledge with peers. We have designed more than 500 LEED certified projects and sites, as well as Net-Zero/Carbon Neutral and Living Building Challenge projects.

The Embodied Carbon Presentation by KPFF was specifically tailored to our firm and our work together. It was a very informative presentation giving insight into how our design decisions can impact the carbon footprint of our structure and how early decisions about our structural approach can help us significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings.

–Kim Butler, AIA, Associate

Within our offices, some of the ongoing practices we have implemented to reduce our environmental impact include electronic filing systems to reduce paper use, incorporation of recycled and renewable materials in our specifications, and repurposing plotter trimmings into notepads. Our offices are stocked with reusable flatware, dishes, glasses and mugs. Many of our locations encourage employees to use public transit and active transportation, often subsidizing monthly transit passes and bicycle parking.