Forefront Education Program

Lifelong learning is emphasized
across KPFF

Forefront, our education philosophy, provides a supportive and positive environment to make it happen. The forefront experience starts the day you walk in the door at KPFF, and continues as a career-long effort to help us all advance and grow together.

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Forefront Education Program
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Forefront Education Program

Dig In.

To reach new heights, we must constantly reinforce our foundation. Forefront is about supporting our team members in gaining a firm footing for career success. As people advance in their careers, they are encouraged to continue to dig in and keep our culture alive and fresh by talking about our shared experiences.


To ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality of work for our clients, we value continuous improvement of ourselves and our firm. Specialized training programs and technical seminars unite people in small groups to advance their individual skillsets and delve further into navigating a successful career at KPFF.

Forefront Education Program
Forefront Education Program


Forefront brings together people from multiple offices to share experiences and explore topics that are timely and relevant for that group. With guidance from leadership, people in similar stages of their career build relationships and connections while building knowledge.

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KPFF offers amazing opportunities for personal and professional growth, and fosters the development of lasting relationships - both inside and outside the office. It is truly the best environment for a budding engineer.

Martina Sbicca PE
Martina Sbicca PE
Engineer, KPFF San Francisco

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