UCLA Saxon Suites Renovations and Additions

Los Angeles, CA

University of California, Los Angeles


Studio E Architects


Icon West


LEED Platinum Certified

Services/Project Type
Structural Engineering

KPFF provided structural engineering services for renovations and additions to an existing undergraduate student housing facility located on the University of California, Los Angeles campus.  The addition consisted of a new 2-story, approximately 6,500-sf Commons Building that includes multi-purpose space, a lounge, restrooms, laundry, and storage on the first floor and offices, study rooms, and conference rooms on the second floor.  The renovations were to six existing student housing buildings (for a total of 96 units) to raise the UC seismic rating from “fair” to “good.”  Renovation work included life safety improvements, window replacement, fully renovated bathrooms, ADA upgrades, MEP upgrades, and replacement of interior finishes and cladding, as well as site improvements.  The renovations and new building are LEED Platinum Certified.  The construction cost was approximately $20.8 million.


Benny Chan