Physical Security Planning and Design

Bringing an integrated and holistic approach to security design, we proactively engage the owner, their security force and design team to identify risks and develop implementable design solutions to achieve a ‘defense in depth’ approach. Working from the site perimeter to the inside of the building, we provide high-level consulting for site design, architectural space planning and facade, structural and utility protection. 

We routinely collaborate with operational/electronic security consultants to bring an efficient and effective team of professionals to provide the following services:

• Threat/Vulnerability Risk Assessments (TVRA’s) 

• Development of client or project-specific security design criteria

• Risk and cost-benefit studies

• Implementation of protective design solutions for new facilities

• Existing facility assessment and upgrade

We also implement the full spectrum of government physical security design criteria including:

• Department of Defense

• Department of State

• General Services Administration

• Federal Bureau of Investigation

• Department of Veterans Affairs

• California State Courts

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