Litigation Consulting and Support

KPFF Consulting Engineers provides Expert Witness services to attorneys and insurance companies on specific matters involving structural and civil engineering issues/disputes.  Our approach is to identify the key relevant underlying issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, and then to utilize our extensive experience and communication skills to provide feedback and opinions which will simplify and clarify the matter at hand.  Listening carefully to our Client’s needs, and working collaboratively to unravel and solve the most difficult problems is a hallmark of our approach to this service area.

Services include:

  • Expert Witness services for legal and insurance professionals
  • Overall structural engineering claims matter reviews and strategic consulting on specific claims matters
  • Detailed evaluations of structural engineering technical and building code issues pertaining to specific claims matters
  • Delay and Change Order claims matter reviews and strategic consulting
  • Formal and informal presentations for structural engineering technical issues and claims-related strategic positions at meetings, mediations, arbitrations, and trials.

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