UW Burke Gilman Trail

Seattle, Washington

  • Services Civil Engineering, Prime Consulting, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering
  • Market(s) Civic, Natural Environments, Transportation/Transit
  • Owner University of Washington
  • Collaborators Place Studio
  • Team Seattle, WA
UW Burke Gilman Trail

KPFF provided prime consulting services along with civil and structural engineering for replacement of a critical yet aging cornerstone of the regional trails network with a modern, world-class trail facility. The new section meets the needs of existing trail users and provides capacity for future generations of bicyclists and pedestrians through improved pedestrian and bicyclist safety and enhanced connections to the regional trails network and increased capacity for growing trail demand. The trail was improved to modern standards, which included widening and “mixing zones” at points of confluence with other pathways, bridges, and streets.

Trail widening is occurring within an existing built environment and required the installation of new retaining walls. The narrow construction corridor of the Burke Gilman Trail greatly increases the cost of providing campus standard cast-in-place walls. In order to increase constructibility and reduce the project costs, we proposed a precast wall system rather than a typical cast in place wall. The precast wall system developed also allows for much greater flexibility and creativity in wall fascia design.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Bride Design
  • Building Design
  • Site Development
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Management
UW Burke Gilman Trail

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UW Burke Gilman Trail

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