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Seattle, WA

About KPFF Seattle

Welcome to Seattle! Come join us here. We love being part of this exciting, youthful city perched between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. Whether one is drawn to the water, the mountains, or somewhere in between, we always find many ways to celebrate being connected to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We contribute to the fabric of the city in creative and meaningful ways by being a part of the human landscape of our community. Through personal involvement and the organizations that we actively support, we seek to create an equitable and positive future for all. We have built a culture that believes in everyone’s potential, and we choose to give back to our community. We have fun together, and you will have a sense of belonging; many people who work at KPFF become life-long friends.




Engineering Disciplines


Team Members

Our Leadership

We believe in a distributed leadership model.  We provide opportunities for all of our engineers to have appropriate leadership roles at all levels of their careers.  Every day our leaders work directly with clients to creatively solve unique challenges that result in intelligent and aesthetic design solutions.

Our Culture

We create and sustain an open and honest workplace where everyone is free to bring their whole self to work.  Our culture supports individual expression and creativity in all facets of our shared professional experience.  We seek new and creative ways to work together, enabling us to solve challenging engineering problems in unique and rewarding ways.



Meet our group of Principals + Associates, and more about who they are.


More About the Seattle Office

In Seattle, our 300+ employees are organized into four independent engineering groups based on technical discipline, the type of clients we work with, and the projects we participate in designing. These groups are Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Heavy Civil Structures Engineering.

Structural Engineering

The structural engineering group brings a solutions-oriented approach to designing of buildings and facilities that create the built environment we live in. We collaborate with architects, builders, and owners to meet the goals and shared vision for each project. Our portfolio includes a wide range of private and public work, such as aviation, civic, education, government, healthcare, historic and retrofit, hospitality, industrial, life sciences, mission critical data centers, offices, parking, residential, retail, sports, and infrastructure facilities. Our holistic view enables our engineers to push boundaries to achieve success.


Civil Engineering

The civil engineering group designs sites that enable land to be developed for commercial, residential, institutional, industrial and recreational purposes. We also design critical public and private infrastructure systems that support the built and natural environments, including district energy, regional storm drainage facilities, utility grids, and trails. We support projects ranging from feasibility evaluations and master planning to design, permitting, and construction. This group works in close collaboration with owners, architects, landscape architects, and other engineering disciplines building a more sustainable, resilient, and thriving community.


Transportation Engineering

The transportation engineering group focuses on transportation infrastructure projects. These projects enrich our communities by providing improved mobility for all, including both motorized and non-motorized users, while sustainably integrating with the physical environment. These projects include design services for transit agencies ranging from bus transit to light rail and planning through construction. For State, County, and City agencies, we provide highway, roadway, and non-motorized active transportation design services from planning through construction. We work closely with local utility providers to design utility improvements associated with these transportation infrastructure projects in order support our growing communities.


Heavy Civil Structures

The heavy civil structures group focuses on the design of Bridge/Waterfront/Marine Transit projects and facilities. This group works closely with public agencies that operate and maintain highway systems, ferry systems, and all manner of engineering-led structures.

Bridge work includes both vehicular and pedestrian bridges; KPFF engineers provide design and inspection services for every style and complexity of bridge. Our engineers also design heavy civil structures such as retaining walls, shoring, and waterfront structures including piers and terminals. In addition to our engineers, our planners provide consulting services to the marine transit industry that include system, route, and terminal planning, vessel procurement, and asset management.