Port of Vancouver Terminal 1 Landing Project

Vancouver, Washington

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Port of Vancouver Terminal 1 Landing Project

KPFF is part of a larger team to enhance and improve the Port of Vancouver’s Terminal One waterfront. One cornerstone project consists of transforming the existing hardscaped amphitheater dock into a more pedestrian-friendly (soft) landscaped park. The framing to support the new landscaping is not complex; however, the new landscaping adds enough new superimposed dead loads to the structure that the building code requires that the structure must be upgraded to satisfy certain seismic codes. We retrofitted the dock with a pair of new battered pile “seismic dolphins” and improved pile-to-superstructure connections to resist the lateral earthquake forces. Also, a significant portion of the existing concrete deck structure was removed and replaced to accommodate replacement of the stadium-style seating with more appealing landscape areas and walkways. This project required careful evaluation of the site bathymetry and soil conditions to plan for and reduce the risk of change orders during construction. The design and permitting were completed under a very aggressive schedule to bid the project and allow the contractor enough time to complete the pile driving work during this year’s limited in-water pile driving window between October 1st and November 30th. Through close KPFF coordination with the City of Vancouver’s Building Department, we were able to avoid designing upgrades to resist code-level forces from soil liquefaction and lateral spread, ultimately saving the project hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would likely have led to cancelling the project.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Structural Evaluation
  • Renovation
  • Site Development
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Land Use and Master Planning
Port of Vancouver Terminal 1 Landing Project

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Port of Vancouver Terminal 1 Landing Project

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