Port of Hueneme Wharf 1, Berth 1 and 2 Deepening and Wharf Improvement

Port Hueneme, California

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Port of Hueneme Wharf 1, Berth 1 and 2 Deepening and Wharf Improvement

The project included expansion of the Port’s ability to handle additional cargo with the same number of vessel calls, or fewer vessel calls, (resulting in shipping cost savings), and to reduce the wait times of heavy-loaded Champion tankers that must otherwise wait for high tides to enter the Port. The Port primarily handles vehicles, bulk agriculture and general cargo. The berth deepening component of the project complemented the adjacent and concurrent US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) channel deepening efforts, creating a consistent 40-foot water depth from channel to vessel berth. Coordination with the USACE was required to transition the berth design into the channel design. Major components of the project were pre-procured by the Port and include steel sheet piles, cell fenders, 100-ton bollards, and composite fender piles. Also included in the scope of work was field verification, non-environmental permitting, preliminary cost estimation, and construction scheduling for the various stages of the design.

The project was funded by a $12.3 million TIGER VII grant award from the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD).

Work included:
Fender system: KPFF designed the removal of existing fenders, timber piles, and plastic fender piles currently in use at berths 1 and 2. The fendering system was replaced by a new system consisting only of composite fender piles and new rubber cell fenders. The system was designed for the class of vessels. Fendering system was designed to allow a seamless line of transition between Berth 2 and Berth 3.

Dredging: The KPFF team developed a dredging strategy and procedures that allowed the Port to function with minimal disruptions to its operations during construction.

Wharf Repair: KPFF assessed the concrete deck, identified and mapped areas of spalls and delamination for repair. KPFF also used in-house concrete forensic experts to determine the cause of the degradation mechanism, depth of deterioration, and soundness/durability of the underlying concrete in order to develop a repair scheme that will be durable, practical, minimize impacts to operations, and be economical.

Steel Sheet Pile Wall: The KPFF team provided a geotechnical investigation and analysis of the slope and insitu soil conditions in preparation of the final design of the submerged steel sheet pile wall. The earthen slope retained by the sheet pile wall was analyzed for stability against failure under applicable loads and ameliorative measures were developed as necessary.

Scour Protection: The KPFF team analyzed the existing site conditions for scour due to ship propeller wash and wakes and provided recommendations to mitigate potential scour. The recommendations saved the Port funding and reduced the need for armoring of the underwharf slope and seabed.

Bollards: KPFF designed and provided upgrades to the wharf in the form of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer to support the new 100-ton bollards. Due to the general cargo nature of the Port, all the bollards were designed to be removable.

Miscellaneous: KPFF designed and provide details for new ladders from the water to the deck, and snubbing rails. KPFF designed protection measures for existing utilities. Utilities includes stormwater, fire protection, and communications/electrical.

Permitting: The KPFF team prepared applications and related materials to obtain all necessary (*non-environmental) permits from all agencies having jurisdiction. The KPFF team responded to all correspondence of a technical nature in order to facilitate the permitting process.

Port of Hueneme Wharf 1, Berth 1 and 2 Deepening and Wharf Improvement

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Port of Hueneme Wharf 1, Berth 1 and 2 Deepening and Wharf Improvement

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