Masimo Headquarters Tenant Improvement

Irvine, California

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SF Existing Warehouse and Office Buildings


SF Freestanding Interior 2nd Floor Office Space


SF Existing Roof deck and Concrete
Slab on Grade
Masimo Headquarters Tenant Improvement

KPFF provided structural engineering services for a new multi-floor tenant improvement located in Irvine, California. The overall tenant improvement consisted of a complete build out of approximately 190,000 gsf of existing warehouse and office buildings located throughout the campus. The project included removing approximately 16,000-gsf of existing roof deck and concrete slab on grade within the existing warehouse building to construct a new open-air park located in the middle of the building space. Structural strengthening of the roof consisted of incorporating horizontal wide flange bracing members throughout the new roof opening to serve both as a primary lateral-load resisting element, and as an architectural design feature. Approximately 25,000 gsf of freestanding interior 2nd floor office space was also added around the perimeter of the new park. The new 2nd floor space consisted of steel framing, with masonry shear walls as the vertical elements of the lateral-load resisting system. Structural strengthening was also required at several new openings within the existing concrete walls located throughout the project.

Masimo Headquarters Tenant Improvement

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Masimo Headquarters Tenant Improvement

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