Madrona K-12

Seattle, Washington

  • Services Civil Engineering
  • Market(s) Education, Parking


Acre Site


Stall Parking


Separate Well Fields with 16 Wells


Feet Below Ground (Wells)
  • Owner Edmonds School District
  • Architect Forma Construction
  • Team Seattle, WA
Madrona K-12

KPFF provided civil engineering for the replacement of the existing Madrona K-8 with an approximately 80,000 SF structure at the existing 15-acre site. Civil design included a 160-stall surface parking lot, bus turnaround/layover accommodating 19 school buses, site vehicular and pedestrian access with ADA compliant student pick-up and drop-off areas, utility services to the building, and treatment for both stormwater quality and flow control. All stormwater from the site is fully infiltrated into the soil via a series of Underground Injection Control (UIC) wells. No stormwater leaves the site.

Risks Associated with the Project:

The site is located adjacent to a wetland and on top of a steep slope. The building and parking lot areas had to be located outside all wetland buffers and environmental setbacks. Additionally, the public storm drainage system was at an elevation where the connection to it could not be made via gravity. Instead of utilizing a more typical detention and pump system for stormwater conveyance, deep UIC wells were designed to infiltrate all stormwater on site, saving the project upwards of three million dollars.

Madrona K-12

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Madrona K-12

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