3101 PCH

Newport Beach, California

  • Services Structural Engineering
  • Market(s) Office
  • Owner Jakosky Properties
  • Architect Shubin + Donaldson Architects
  • Contractor Slater Builders, Inc.
  • Collaborators Patric Vogel Metal Fabrications
    Westerly Marine Boat Builders
  • Team Orange County – Irvine, CA
3101 PCH

The office building located at 3101 West Coast Highway is a major transformation from seaside style to modern industrial. However, the substantial redesign of the space required substantial structural demolition. KPFF provided structural engineering services associated with the revisions to the property. The finished product adds a wonderful tie to the nautical influences adjacent to the project. It has been a great opportunity to partner with the vision of Shubin and Donaldson to transition this Jakosky Property into a modern office space.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Renovation
  • Historic Rehabilitation
  • Structural Evaluation
3101 PCH

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3101 PCH

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