United States Postal Service, Processing & Distribution Center and Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Portland, OR

United States Postal Services


TKC Architects


The Korte Company

Services/Project Type
Civil Engineering
Site Development
Utility Infrastructure
Stormwater Management

New 818,000 SF USPS facility on a 48-acre site with a 788,845 SF Processing and Distribution Center and a 29,000 SF Vehicle Maintenance Facility. This project relocated the USPS Processing and Distribution Center and Vehicle Maintenance Facility from the edge of the congested Pearl District to a large parcel of land by the Portland International Airport. The building was constructed in three parts, from the “outside in” to allow for the soil to settle in phases. The new building is over 818,000 SF and allows USPS to continue to operate as a processing and distribution center on a massive scale, handling mail for both Oregon and a part of Washington state. The KPFF team provided a backbone of solid engineering and design to support this ambitious project of epic scale. The project’s site challenges included poor soil conditions, environmental zones, contaminated soil, and managing stormwater on a flat site. This was accomplished through sophisticated stormwater systems, multi-phase surcharging and the complexity of a multi-stage building process.

The Portland P&DC and VMF is an inspiring story about a large team coming together in an ambitious project to create the second largest postal distribution center in the United States, under an aggressive time frame, constructed during the wettest and snowiest Portland winter on record. Together the KPFF/Tapani/Korte Team mitigated every challenge the weather presented, delivering a $90 million plus project 6 months early, with superior quality, Best Value, no claims, while exceeding USPS expectations. The Team's efforts earned the USPS Outstanding Supplier Award, the only Facility Contractor to win this Award from over 17,000 USPS Suppliers.

Awards & Recognition

2018 DJC TopProjects: 2nd Place, Industrial