Shriners for Children Medical Center Outpatient Surgery/Clinic Complex

Pasadena, CA

Shriners for Children


CO Architects (Design Architect)
SRG Partnership Inc. (Executive Architect)


DPR Construction


CalGreen Sustainability Requirements

Services/Project Type
Structural Engineering

The 75,000-sf outpatient surgery/clinic complex serves as the organization’s flagship facility in Southern California.  This new facility provides better support for minimally-invasive day surgery procedures, orthopedic therapy and rehabilitation, and includes state-of-the-art imaging systems. The three-story medical center includes a surgical suite, diagnostic clinic and radiology department, rehabilitation clinic, orthotics and prosthetics manufacturing, patient and family support services, administrative offices, and underground parking garage. Outdoor spaces include a rehabilitation therapy garden and a gathering/event space. The energy-efficient design meets CalGreen sustainability requirements. This new medical complex was designed to prioritize a healing connection to nature for patients, families, and staff who spend extended time within its walls. The outpatient medical center is constructed of structural steel and the garage is cast-in-place concrete.

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Awards & Recognition

Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Award - Healthcare, 2018

(C) 2018 Tom Bonner
(C) 2018 Tom Bonner
(C) 2018 Tom Bonner