Rady Children's Hospital Acute Care Pavillion and Central Plant Expansion

San Diego, CA
Rady Children's Hospital
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
LEED Certified
Services/Project Type
Structural Engineering

The Acute Care Pavilion is the first acute care facility in the state of California to meet the rigorous standards for quality and safety mandated by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) while also achieving the level of occupant health and environmental sustainability required to earning LEED-certified status. The 279,000-sf, 4-story building has a full basement and provides 122 beds, 16 OR’s,  32 NICU beds, and inpatient and outpatient HEM/ONC units. The facility also contains three outdoor terraces with whimsical landscape elements, providing a respite for patients and their families. 

The building’s structural system is structural steel with eccentric braced frames above level one and concrete shear walls at the basement level. The foundation system consists of spread footings and over 130 tie-down anchors to resist uplift forces. The project includes a new three-level bridge approximately 150’ long that connects the new Acute Care Pavilion to the existing Rose Pavilion. The bridge is constructed of structural steel with a lateral system comprised of moment frames in the transverse direction and braced frames in the longitudinal direction.

The project includes multiple equipment upgrades in the existing Central Utility Plant to support the new Acute Care Pavilion. This includes new chillers and pumps in the Central Plant basement, new cooling towers on the roof of the adjacent building Clinical Lab building, and new chiller piping in between the Acute Care Pavilion, Central Plant basement, and Clinical Lab roof.