Port Hueneme Cold Ironing

Port Hueneme, CA
Port of Hueneme
Sully Miller (Electrical) & John S. Meek Construction (Concrete / wharf)
Services/Project Type
KPFF provided Civil, Structural and Construction Support services to retrofit the existing 1,800’ Berths 1, 2, and 3 on Wharf 1 to add cold ironing (shore to ship) utilities.  Work included the installation of 6 shore power outlets, one substation with two independent switch gears (and potential expansion for a third switch gear), 2300 lineal feet of trenching, railroad abandonment, and railroad end of track bumping post installation.  Initial work involved conducting comprehensive above and below deck inspections of the existing wharves. In addition to wharf inspections, work has included above and underground (Ground Penetrating Radar) field investigation to identify and map existing utility lines and other potential obstructions to aid in determining best alignments and siting for electrical components. This work has required coordination with the tenant to schedule field activities that do no conflict with shipping schedule or other ongoing activities. Coordination of civil work with electrical requirements is also required. Installation of cold ironing utilities is required to meet California Resources Board regulations requiring the reduction diesel emissions from in-port vessels. This work required coordination with terminal tenants and shipping schedules as well as field investigation team members.