Hayward City Hall

Hayward, CA
City of Hayward
Heller Manus Architects
DPR Construction
Services/Project Type
Structural Engineering
Seismic Design

Hayward City Hall is the third and current city hall building, located downtown next to the Hayward BART Station. Since the building is located close to the Hayward Fault, it was designed to withstand a major earthquake. The inability of the former Hayward City Center building to withstand a major earthquake, shown by damage to it from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, was the main motivation for city hall’s replacement. The building consists of 4-stories of steel-braced frame construction over one level of concrete subterranean parking. The project has been designed to withstand a capital maximum capable earthquake of Richter Magnitude 7.5 on the seismically active Hayward Fault located within one kilometer from the site. The base-isolation system consists of Friction Pendulum Bearings and Hydraulic Viscous Damping Devices with maximum design displacements of 24 inches. 


Awards & Recognition

  • Award for Excellence for Land Use and Environmental Quality, Helen Putnam Award, 2000
  • Award of Merit - Special Use Facility, PCBC Gold Nugget Awards, 1998
  • Meritorious Award, National Council of Structural Engineers Association, 1999
  • Outstanding Civil Engineering Project of the Year Award for New Construction, American Society of Civil Engineers, 1998