Highlights of the New ASCE Structural Design <br>for Physical Security

Highlights of the New ASCE Structural Design
for Physical Security

May 4, 2022
Highlights of the New ASCE Structural Design <br>for Physical Security

The first update since 1999, Protective Design Managing Principal Sharon Gallant acted as an editor in collaboration with the Task Committee on Structural Design for Physical Security of the Blast, Shock, and Impact Committee of the Dynamic Effects Technical Administration Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE.

Structural Design for Physical Security, MOP 142, provides an overview of the typical design considerations encountered in new construction and renovation of facilities for physical security. The constant change in threat tactics and types has led to the need for physical security designs that account for these new considerations and anticipate the environment of the future, with flexibility and adaptability being priorities. This Manual of Practice serves as a replacement for the 1999 technical report Structural Design for Physical Security: State of the Practice and is intended to provide a roadmap for designers and engineers involved in physical security. It contains references to other books, standards, and research.

Topics include:

  • Threat determination and available assessment and criteria documents,
  • Methods by which structural loadings are derived for the determined threats,
  • Function and selection of structural systems,
  • Design of structural components,
  • Function and selection of window and façade components,
  • Specific considerations for retrofitting structures,
  • Testing methodologies, and
  • Bridge security.

This book is a valuable resource to structural engineers and design professionals involved with projects that have physical security concerns related to explosive, ballistic, forced entry, and hostile vehicle threats.

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Highlights of the New ASCE Structural Design <br>for Physical Security

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