Reed College Pedestrian Bridges (East and West Canyon)

Portland, OR
Reed College
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Structural Engineering
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Pedestrian Bridges

Reed Canyon is a 28-acre watershed in the heart of campus. It runs east to west and divides north from south. KPFF provided structural engineering design and construction services for the two pedestrian bridges that span the canyon.

On the East, a 288-foot-long, eight-foot-wide, curved concrete pedestrian bridge is supported by three columns and two abutments. Special care was taken with the design and construction to preserve the natural habitat and numerous mature trees for the canyon’s abundant wildlife. The handicap accessible bridge slopes from 35- to 20-feet above the water, transitioning between the different elevations of campus.

On the West, KPFF designed an S-curved steel box girder bridge. It is 10 feet wide with a total length of 320 feet. The design and alignment were developed to minimize impacts to existing trees in the heavily forested canyon. The foundations were placed to minimize impacts to wetlands. The bridge was designed to accommodate a construction sequence that eliminated cranes or temporary supports on the canyon floor. 

Awards & Recognition

Award for Excellence in Concrete, American Concrete Institute 1993 (East Canyon)