Richard Davis PE Richard Davis PE

Richard Davis PE

Managing Principal Los Angeles, CA
“Possunt quia posse videntur” - They can because they think they can - Virgil
  • Discipline Civil Engineering
  • Specialties Education, Civic, Entertainment, Sports
  • Education Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle Bachelor of Science, Cell Biology, University of Washington, Seattle
  • Affiliations/Licensure American Society of Civil Engineers Licensed Professional Engineer: CA, WA


Rick Davis is the Managing Principal of the KPFF’s Los Angeles Civil Office. Sharing his significant experience, Rick takes ownership of every project under his charge and is a dedicated teacher, mentor, and coach; as well as being authentically tuned to the needs of the growing civil organization. Rick has been with KPFF since 1990. He leads the LA civil design team in a wide variety of public and private site development projects of all sizes. Rick has produced site development, roadway design and alignment, water and sewer line utilities, storm drainage systems, hydrology drainage and water quality, pavement design, pre-design planning and analysis, permitting, earthwork and grading, and plan review to name a few.