Leslie Duffy PE Leslie Duffy PE

Leslie Duffy PE

Associate Protective Design Group, US
  • Discipline Structural Engineering
  • Specialties Protective Design, Non-linear Dynamic Analysis Techniques
  • Education Master of Science, Structural/Earthquake Engineering, San Francisco State University Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, California State University at Chico
  • Affiliations/Licensure American Society of Civil Engineers Society of American Military Engineers
  • Hobbies & Interests Loves to spend time outside, particularly, snowboarding, hiking, or biking with friends and family. If shopping was considered a hobby, it'd be at the top of the list.


Leslie is a professional consulting engineer with 10 years of experience in protective design engineering for new and existing buildings. Her experience includes a variety of DoS, DoD, GSA, VA, and private projects relating to implementation of explosive safety, physical security, and antiterrorism requirements. Specializing in the use of non-linear dynamic analysis techniques, she has extensive experience in understanding the structural and façade performance under extreme loading conditions, both accidental and intentional. Her experience has taught her collaboration is essential to developing cost effective and constructible design solutions.