Blast Engineering

We collectively bring over 25 years of experience in the design of buildings for air-blast loading effects. Focused on design, our value is in ‘bridging the gap’ between research and the built environment. We understand how to support a team of design professionals and builders through our proactive participation in the design process and unique ability to translate complex concepts into simple design solutions. 

Our approach to blast engineering is dedicated to bringing the most appropriate approach to each new design challenge. We start by breaking down even the most complex problem into single elements and utilizing fast-running, non-linear dynamic analysis methods to produce an efficient and reliable design. As we identify unique, atypical conditions that require further study, we implement advanced analysis methods, such as finite element, to further validate and refine the design. 

Services include:

• Far-field and close-in air-blast load prediction 

• 3D building performance visualization

• Confined explosion effects

• Non-linear dynamic analysis

• Structural modeling and design

• Facades modeling and design

• Fragmentation effects

• Shock and impact modeling

• Explosive safety consulting for DDESB or NOSSA compliance

• Conventional weapons effects

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