Utility Infrastructure

Our utility infrastructure expertise ranges from site and campus planning, to large land developments and municipal services. From rails to trails, roads to highways, seaports to airports, bridges to bioswales, we have the ability to meet the needs of any project. Whether in local, urban developed areas or remote regions of Africa or Kazakhstan, our staff is familiar with procedures for acquiring information in foreign countries, working with government agencies, and designing to meet international building codes. Developing site infrastructure requires a keen eye to detail, significant coordination with all the disciplines on the team, and innovative accessibility, grading and storm drainage design to accomplish a successful project. The breadth of our experience allows us to quickly evaluate site issues and develop useful solutions to keep the project moving forward. Our ability to develop, efficient, cost-effective solutions of grading, utilities, storm drainage, and stormwater quality on multi-family projects allows us to consistently meet and often times exceed our clients’ goals.