Workday Headquarters

Pleasanton, California

  • Services Structural Engineering
  • Market(s) Office, Parking
  • Sustainability LEED Platinum 865-kw Solar Array


gross square feet




gross square foot parking structure


parking stalls
  • Owner Workday
  • Architect Gensler (office)
    Watry Design, Inc. (parking)
  • Contractor DPR Construction
  • Team San Francisco, CA
Workday Headquarters Workday Headquarters

Located just steps from the West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, the Workday Headquarters includes a large office building, parking garage and a green space walkway which connects the campus to the BART station. Workday forged strong ties with BART and the City of Pleasanton to develop a project that benefited both the local community and their employees.

The foundations for the steel-frame office building, podium and western parking structure are founded on spread footings supported by strengthened soil at the basement level. The soil is strengthened with drilled displacement sand-cement columns. The building incorporates a highly sustainable design that is certified LEED® Platinum including a large 865-kw solar array that provides up to one-third of the building’s electricity, an innovative onsite greywater recycling system designed to save up to 720,000 gallons of water each year, and a “cool roof” to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Numerous amenities support the campus, including:

  • open-air amphitheater for 1,500 people along with a large grassy area suitable for outdoor games;
  • café complete with a 12,000-pound pizza oven;
  • spacious second floor balconies that allow employees to enjoy fresh air while they work;
  • wellness rooms with treadmills, amenity rooms for therapeutic services, showers and lockers;
  • dog runs where employees can bring their dogs to run around and play throughout the day.

The garage building framing system consists of mild steel slabs over long span precast beams, girders and columns with cast-in-place concrete shear walls consisting of elevator cores, discrete walls and curved walls on the main elevation. The western and eastern parking structure are separated by a seismic joint. At the upper levels the garage perimeter has a continuous screen wall while the lower level has a green screen. Above the entire roof parking level are long span steel trusses supporting photovoltaic panels. The east garage is supported at grade with auger cast piles, pile caps, and grade beams which span over existing utility lines and junction boxes.

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Workday Headquarters

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Workday Headquarters

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