Jefferson Arts & Technology Academy

Eugene, Oregon

  • Services Civil Engineering
  • Market(s) Education, Office, Sports
  • Owner Eugene School District 4J
  • Architect Rowell Brokaw Architects
    Opsis Architecture
  • Collaborators Interface Engineering (MEP)
  • Team Portland, OR Eugene, OR
Jefferson Arts & Technology Academy Jefferson Arts & Technology Academy

KPFF provided civil design for this new middle school facility designed to house an academic program combining STEM subjects with the arts. The majority of site elements were newly designed to fit with the resource demands of the unique academic program. Renovations were also made to the school’s three gyms to bring them in line with program needs. Civil site improvements included new utility services (water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage and stormwater quality), earthwork, erosion and sediment control and paving to service the schools, as well as an innovative rainwater harvesting system to collect roof runoff for reuse inside the building.

Jefferson Arts & Technology Academy

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Jefferson Arts & Technology Academy

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