Eugene Riverfront Redevelopment

Eugene, OR

  • Services Civil Engineering, Construction/Project Management, Land Surveying, Transportation Engineering
  • Market(s) Natural Environments, Ports & Waterfront, Roadway
  • Sustainability Sustainable Stormwater Low Impact Development


ADA curb ramps
  • Owner City of Eugene
  • Contractor Delta Construction Co.
  • Collaborators Walker Macy (landscape architect)
  • Team Eugene, OR Portland, OR
Eugene Riverfront Redevelopment
KPFF is leading a multidisciplinary design team implementing the City of Eugene’s vision for the Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment project. KPFF is providing project management, civil engineering, structural engineering, and land surveying services for the planning and design of the public transportation and utility infrastructure. The formerly industrial site consists of approximately 16.5 acres owned by the City of Eugene, previously occupied by Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) along the Willamette River near downtown Eugene. The redeveloped site will include restaurants, open space, a new city park, shops and retail to enjoy for residents and visitors alike. The project’s vicinity to the river allows for the community to have a renewed and reinvigorated experience with the Willamette River. New pathways and open space provide connection to the river’s ecosystem and the historic EWEB steam plant.
The KPFF team delivered the design and construction documents on schedule in 2020 and will support the project through the multiple phases of construction.
Eugene Riverfront Redevelopment

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Eugene Riverfront Redevelopment

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