671 Prospect Avenue Charter School

Bronx, New York

  • Services Structural Engineering
  • Market(s) Education
  • Owner Prospect Living LLC
  • Architect Montroy DeMarco Architecture
  • Contractor New York Major Construction
  • Team New York, NY
671 Prospect Avenue Charter School

KPFF provided structural engineering services for this charter school in the Bronx, NY. Three existing structures of varying construction types were combined and vertically enlarged to serve a sports-focused charter school.

KPFF developed the structural scheme to modify the existing structure to accommodate a regulation basketball gym at what had been a second-floor ballroom, the construction of clear spanning structure over the gym for classroom space at the new fourth floor and the introduction of new stair and elevator cores all with a minimum of foundation work. KPFF also developed the construction sequencing, shoring and bracing scheme that enabled the work

671 Prospect Avenue Charter School

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671 Prospect Avenue Charter School

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