108 Leonard Street

New York City, New York

  • Services Structural Engineering
  • Market(s) Office, Residential
  • Owner Civic Center Community Group Broadway LLC
  • Contractor New Line Structures
  • Team New York, NY
108 Leonard Street

KPFF is providing structural engineering services for the temporary shoring, bracing and reconstruction sequencing for work related to the conversion of the existing, Landmark-protected building from office to residential use. The thirteen-story, 1890s structure is steel-framed with both steel and cast iron columns and self-supported masonry facades. Extensive structural alterations include the creation of new vertical shaft-ways requiring bracing of the façade and existing columns, replacement of the roof structure requiring bracing of the façade,  and removal and replacement of large portions of existing floor structures concurrently requiring bracing of the façade and diaphragm continuity bracing.

108 Leonard Street

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108 Leonard Street

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