University of Washington Montlake Triangle and Rainier Vista

Seattle, WA
University of Washington
Sellen/Merlino JV 
Services/Project Type
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering

KPFF is leading the design of Montlake Triangle and Lower Rainier Vista, which will serve as a new grand entrance to University of Washington Campus. Rainier Vista will be extended into the Montlake Triangle by lowering NE Pacific Place and adding a pedestrian land bridge over the roadway. Another bridge will be added below the roadway to protect the University’s utility tunnel from traffic loading. Extensive retaining walls will be added, totaling about 25,000 SF. Wall types include cast-in-place concrete, soil nail, soldier pile and mechanically stabilized earth. About 1,000 feet of the Burke Gilman Trail will be ugpraded as part of this project. The extended Rainier Vista will maintain the historic view corridor while connecting campus with pedestrian traffic from the University Link Station and bicycle traffic from the new State Route 520 Bridge.


Awards & Recognition

ACEC 2016 Engineering Excellence Award, Best in State: Gold Award/Special Judges Award, Complexity