Meadowthorpe Senior Living

Lexington, KY

AU Associates


Lord Aeck Sargent


Brett Construction Co. 

Services/Project Type
Structural Engineering

Meadowthorpe is a new, wood-framed 71-unit senior housing complex located in Lexington, KY.

KPFF provided structural engineering services for this 70,050 SF, four-story senior care center which offers assisted living and memory care options for its residents. The complex was constructed with two separate wings, both including high end amenities.

The lateral system used for this project was designed around three masonry cores and avoids the use of interior wood shear walls for lateral support. This design choice allows for more options and flexibility for future expansions.

Heavy loads from a concrete pad on the upper two floors created unique bearing conditions that KPFF solved through the use of wood framing, which was designed to transfer the large down to the foundations.


Benjamin Norton Photography
Benjamin Norton Photography