Bahia Las Minas Refueling Facility, South Jetty Tanker Berth Load Rating Analysis

Colon, Panama


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KPFF provided structural engineering services for analysis and load rating of a highly utilized tanker berth located at Chevron’s Bahia Las Minas Refueling terminal near Colon, Panama.  The tanker berth was originally constructed in the 1960’s and consists of three separate caisson structures that serve to accommodate tanker vessels that call at the fuel storage facility. A significant amount of deterioration of the steel plating and welding that comprises each of the caissons was recorded during multiple dive inspections performed between 2009 and 2012. KPFF’s scope of work consisted of performing a load rating and service life analysis of the deteriorated caissons to evaluate their ability to serve as intended. Existing conditions were defined based on information gathered through review of available record information and previous dive inspection reports.  The analysis consisted of comparing remaining capacity of the deteriorated caissons to stress demands imposed by a number of berthing scenarios.  Results were presented in terms of maximum allowable berthing velocities for three different size vessels that call at the facility. Repair concepts and costs were also developed and prioritized based on urgency for implementation.