Structural Engineering Team Leader - Launch a New Office

  • Office Location Indianapolis, IN
  • Post Date 2022-09-08
  • Team Louisville, KY

Structural Engineering Team Leader - Launch a New Office

Structural Engineering Team Leader - New Market


This isn’t your typical lateral structural engineering job offer. This unique position is perfect if you’re ambitious, strategic, and humble, while hungry for autonomy and support, to help launch the local Indy office as part of a national firm. The ideal candidate is one who has hit a ceiling within a bureaucratic organization and/or has often thought about starting “their own thing” but the hurdles to do so were daunting.

You’ll receive mentorship, guidance, and resources from the Louisville Reporting Center, to augment your own drive to grow a thriving practice. You will harness your personal brand in the A/E/C community, coupled with KPFF’s relationships in the Indianapolis market, to bring something special to the community. You’ll be backstopped by our current workload, systems, and core values, to create something perpetual. This position will allow you to define a trajectory for success and be part of a larger regional group that will help you get there. This model has worked successfully with recent satellite launches in Cincinnati, Nashville, Birmingham, and Austin.

Our purpose is to engineer opportunities for fine Engineers to accomplish their career goals. This is one such role: starting something from scratch, to build something that doesn’t exist in Indianapolis today.

At our core, we are “Building Relationships and our Community with Engineering Excellence”.


We are looking for a Senior Structural Engineering Leader who has at least 10 years of experience in building design, working with both new construction and renovation with the ability to design and coordinate a project from solicitation to close-out. This candidate has strong relationships in the A/E/C community and has experience managing teams, navigating challenging situations, and inspiring people to accomplish shared goals. Our ideal candidate also has a reputation for nurturing and maintaining rapport with the design and construction teams, as well as possessing excellent working relationships with them.

  1. Is a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in IN
  2. Possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and has 10 years or more of project experience
  3. Has demonstrated laudable management experience leading teams larger than five people.
  4. Has a personal brand in the A/E/C community and wants to leverage this to create something special, scalable, and perpetual.


  1. Enjoy being a mentor; have a teacher’s mindset.
  2. Are self-motivated and strive for excellence in all aspects: both for yourself and others.
  3. Have effective organizational skills and exemplary verbal and written communication skills, focused on relationship building inside and outside of the company.
  4. Consistently think beyond rote training to thoughtfully and creatively design structural solutions.
  5. Display a desire for growth and welcome advancement opportunities.
  6. Welcome the collaborative and iterative process that comes with designing world-class buildings.
  7. Participate in planning and supporting the vision of the office.
  8. Embody KPFF’s core values:Excellence, Trust, Relationships, Stability, and Passion.


  1. Has the self-awareness to ask for help when needed and listen with a curious, open mind; this candidate has strong emotional intelligence.
  2. Can attract and inspire new employees to believe in a compelling vision to bring something great to Indianapolis.
  3. Can mentor team members and engage in the overall leadership of the office to propel a growth strategy.
  4. Can oversee projects from proposal to completion; has a proficient understanding of load path, whole building systems, mechanics of building materials, and can evaluate/assess/manage risk.
  5. Delivers excellence in communication and construction documents, and enjoys being part of a team to complete the project.


  1. Minimum of 40 hours weekly
  2. Ability to work beyond scheduled hours on nights and weekends, if necessary, to meet deadlines


  1. Maintaining the same position for several hours
  2. Moving throughout office or site visits
  3. Operate a computer, calculator, and various other essential office tools
  4. Kneeling, climbing, crawling, squatting, reaching
  5. Lifting and moving up to 50 pounds

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.


We are a laid-back, diverse, hard-working, and professional team of experts. While flexibility and communication are key to succeeding at KPFF, we are all accountable to each other and are constantly pursuing ways to improve.


We are forward-thinking structural and civil engineers who design state-of-the-art, enduring solutions for a wide range of projects. KPFF has provided sustainable, high-value contributions to the built environment for more than 60 years. We collaborate with our clients by utilizing the advantages of VDC with BIM tools as a way of visualizing, coordinating, and tracking systems. Our focus is to provide engineering solutions to building infrastructure problems, whatever they are, rather than put limits on what we’re capable of providing.

At KPFF our purpose is to engineer opportunities – we have created a training and engineering philosophy called “forefront”.Your experience starts the day you walk in the door at KPFF and continues as a career-long effort to help us all advance and grow together. Learning is a cycle, not a race to the finish line. In one way or another, everyone becomes a teacher and mentor for others as they continue to expand their own skills and drive the KPFF experience.KPFF encourages innovation and continuous quality improvement in our work unencumbered by bureaucratic behavior. Professional development is an everyday event as is your direct interaction with Owners, Architects, andContractors.

Our supportive and fun work environment allows for flexibility for families and encourages a positive work/life balance. We offer generous benefits, a competitive salary, and pay you for every hour you work. KPFF is a global firm with more than 20 offices, 1,300+ employees, and collective professional registrations in all 50 states.

KPFF is an Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Minimum Experience 10 years Experience
  • Minimum Education Bachelor's Degree
  • Discipline/Specialty Structural Engineering
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