Consulting Recruitment Partner

  • Office Location Seattle, WA
  • Post Date 2022-01-11
  • Team Seattle
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Consulting Recruitment Partner


KPFF is looking to engage in a long-term partnership with an individual to represent our firm in pursuit of the finest engineering talent in the country. Our consulting Recruitment Partner will be a strategic asset to the organization, attracting seasoned professionals who align with our purpose and values.

The ideal candidate for this role is someone who has always wanted to “do their own thing” and has been seeking a people-focused, nationwide firm, to catalyze making the jump and propel their own recruitment consultancy. This is an opportunity to represent a firm that they believe in, be connected to, and have a meaningful impact on, while realizing the benefits of having their own consultancy.

KPFF is a decentralized organization with a supportive business model that enables each of our 20 business units to lead and grow a sustainable practice in their respective fields of expertise, client base, and markets.

Our Recruitment Partner will advocate on our behalf for specific, targeted roles throughout our organization. This role will involve showcasing what makes KPFF special to attract talent to our firm, irrespective of the Business Unit they ultimately hire on with.


  • Recruit experienced talent nationally: this person is a strong closer who can effectively convey KPFF’s value propositions and execute a hiring strategy in concert with hiring managers. This includes full life cycle recruiting, including understanding compensation structures in various regions. Hiring for entry-level engineering positions is not the focus of this position.
  • Be fully-emersed and knowledgeable of our company culture, organization structure, mission, core values, dynamics, etc.
  • Represent KPFF, Inc. on behalf of the Business Unit(s) who choose to leverage this Recruitment resource to pursue key hires
  • Work closely with Business Unit Managers and the CEO, to share best practices and strategies for marketing key positions
  • Recommend and assist in developing collateral needed to execute these services
  • Define a high-level process for identifying, engaging, and offering to candidates
  • Compile, analyze, and share market-specific employment data to help Business Unit Managers make informed decisions
  • Share metrics with stakeholders at prudent intervals on the recruitment status of active positions, candidates, etc.

Required Qualifications:

We are seeking to retain an enthusiastic Recruiter Partner with the following qualifications:

  • Has at least 8+ years of recruitment experience in a Professional Services industry; Architecture, Engineering, or Construction is preferred
  • Has a network of support and understanding of the latest software that enables them to be successful
  • Has a reputation for nurturing and maintaining a strong rapport with the organization(s) they’ve worked for
  • Listens to an array of perspectives and seeks “win-win” solutions with colleagues, peers, and the person we are recruiting
  • Is eager to learn and seeks-out opportunities to enhance KPFF’s recruitment experience
  • Is experienced in the effective use of Taleo or other talent management software and is capable of refining/optimizing the use of such tools

Position Details:

  • This is a nationwide search and can be a remote position for the right candidate, though travel to meet with Business Units will be necessary; in particular, at the onset of this engagement.
  • We anticipate this will be a full-time position, but with a flexible and variable schedule depending on workload, number of active positions being filled, projects and initiatives undertaken, etc.
    • We are flexible on the amount of time necessary to achieve results
    • Work beyond normal work hours (coast-to-coast), to accommodate candidates’ schedules may be required
  • Travel to meet with Business Unit Managers and candidates, will occur as required and coordinated in advance.
  • This role will primarily be focused on filling specific, targeted structural and civil engineering positions within the organization involving experienced talent.
  • A non-compete agreement will be developed and in place as part of this engagement.

Compensation & Term:

  • Compensation will be a fixed, monthly fee plus bonus upon achieving clear and specific goals:
    • Goals and objectives of the Recruitment Partner will be developed and crafted together with our Recruitment Partner
  • It is understood that the recruitment process takes time to build momentum. The first term of this engagement will be for one year, to be renewed annually based on alignment with mutually agreed upon goals.
  • We anticipate that this position will generate at least 10 key hires per year for KPFF when momentum is fully established.

Company Profile:

We are forward-thinking structural and civil engineers who design state-of-the-art, enduring solutions for a wide range of projects. KPFF has provided sustainable, high-value contributions to the built environment for more than 60 years. KPFF is a nationwide firm, working for some of the most laudable design and construction professionals in the country, with more than 25 offices, 1,250+ employees, and collective professional registrations in all 50 states.

We encourage innovation and continuous quality improvement in our work unencumbered by bureaucratic behavior. Professional development is an everyday event along with direct interaction with Owners, Architects, and Contractors.

Our supportive and fun work environment allows for flexibility for families and encourages a positive work/life balance. We offer generous benefits and best-in-class compensation, for the finest talent who drive our economic engine and help perpetuate the organization.

KPFF is an Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Minimum Experience 8 Experience
  • Minimum Education Bachelor's Degree
  • Discipline/Specialty Business Operations
  • Job Type Permanent
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