The Restoration and Renovation of the Iconic LA Coliseum

The History

Our very own Los Angeles Civil Division has teamed up with DLR to tackle a rigorous renovation of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum which holds an exciting background and impressive roster.  The Coliseum opened in May of 1923 and has lodged tenants such as: USC Trojans (continuously), UCLA Bruins, L.A. Rams, and the L.A. Dodgers just to name a few. The L.A. Rams were housed in the stadium from 1946-1979 and coincidently will be based here once again for their second year since returning to Los Angeles until their own stadium is completed next year. 

Indeed the Coliseum was the first and only stadium to host the Olympic Games twice, both in 1932 and 1984. It has also been a host to the World Series and Super Bowl and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1984.

The Restoration and Renovation

Our responsibility for this mission is to restore and renovate the stadium without altering the original aesthetics and bones of the lower bowl and outer shell. Some challenges faced during this process have been working together to meet requirements with the historic preservation, infiltrating and treatment of stormwater, age, and infrastructure from the original stadium guts. An additional tier of seating was originally added in 1932 when the stadium hosted the Olympics the first time and, after providing a fresh feasibility study, we discovered the best surgical gift is to replace the second tier seating with an implanted south sideline tower which will provide ample suites and box seating for the premium guest. Ground breaking is estimated to begin in 2018 and we certainly can’t wait to see the final product for this beauty.

Also in the Neighborhood…

If football isn’t your prime interest, steps away you will be able to watch another type of “foot ball” (a global favorite) in another current project, the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) Major League Soccer Stadium. We have teamed up with Gensler for this design-build superstar and it’s estimated to complete in 2019. You choose which type of ball, we’ll provide the seats.

Contributor: Marisha Bailey/KPFF Los Angeles Civil
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