Pedestrian Bridge Installation at California State University, Los Angeles

The California State University Los Angeles Student Housing East (CSULA SHE) will be a new student housing facility, expanding housing facilities to accommodate approximately 1,500 additional students on campus. This transformative complex will offer traditional double and triple residence units for freshman and sophomore housing. The roughly 1,500 bed residence will include many amenities and gathering spaces such as: a fitness center, lounges, wellness room, laundry facilities, advanced vending machines, a kitchen, collaborative and independent study rooms, administrative spaces, and community and multi-purpose rooms. The project will also feature a new dining facility of approximately 20,000 square feet that will incorporate both a new and existing student housing dining program.


Additionally, this construction effort will include some enhancements on the site that will improve circulation between these dorms and the campus core. The most exciting element is a new 112 foot long pedestrian bridge and 80 foot tall stair/elevator tower to provide quick and easy access for students traveling to and from the housing complex, especially those with disabilities, as the site of the new center is significantly lower in elevation than the main campus.

csula-2-reduced-copy.jpg csula-3-reduced-copy.jpg

While we look forward to the opening of this impactful project, the CSULA SHE building is still under construction. As of writing, the enclosure is fully complete except for some windows strategically left open for ease of construction. The elevator cores are nearing completion, and all floors have their basic structures built out. The interiors are being painted as quickly as the framers are finishing interior partitions. Other finishes, such as carpets, tiles and doors, are also being installed signaling the final stages before completion.

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