OSHPD Update: SPC-4D is Officially in Use

spc-4d-follow-up-info.pngIn December of 2015, OSHPD made the adoption of the new SPC-4D category official. Final Express Terms were released and published on OSHPD's website.

The Final Express Terms do not introduce significant changes to the guidelines published earlier in May of last year, which were the basis for multiple building studies, around 70 to date, performed by our office. 

We are pleased to announce that KPFF has prepared construction documents intended for what would be our first SPC-4D reclassification project. The Outpatient Pavilion at Sharp Coronado Hospital in San Diego was scheduled for a major Tenant Improvement project when our preliminary evaluation of the existing building showed that a SPC-4D upgrade was feasible without major alterations to the intended TI upgrades. The project has been submitted to OSHPD as a voluntary seismic improvement, and the proposed structural retrofit is expected to enhance the seismic performance of the building to a level comparable to SPC-4D.

As more of the preliminary evaluations performed by our office are being priced for construction cost, it is becoming clear that the investment on structural upgrades and collateral improvements present an attractive and more sustainable alternative to brand new construction for many existing hospital buildings. We believe that the Outpatient Pavilion at Sharp Coronado is the first of many similar projects to come thanks to the financial, operational and environmental benefits of saving existing valuable real estate in hospitals in California.  

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