Bike to Work Week 2016 - KPFF Style!

It’s unofficially Health & Wellness Month at KPFF and what better way to exercise than to commute to work on a bike?! We asked KPFF’ers how they participate in Bike to Work Week and learned that for many it’s not a one week exercise, it’s a way of life.

San Francisco

Why does our staff Bike To Work?

“I bike to work because it’s just as fast (if not faster) than public transportation and much more reliable. I also save money by not having a gym membership.” - Jeffrey Zhang, Structural Project Engineer

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“I commute by bike to unwind and get exercise. My commute by bio-diesel powered ferry and bike is just about as long as a commute by bus/car and it helps the environment. Besides, you can’t beat the view! Keep on pedaling!” - Sean Fraser, Structural Project Engineer


“My short morning ride from CalTrain wakes me up and prepares my mind and body for the work day while my evening ride lets me avoid rush-hour traffic so I never miss my train home. Furthermore, biking saves me 30 minutes each day compared to walking or even public transportation. For me, supplementing my commute with a bike was a no-brainer.” - Adam Billek, Structural Project Engineer - Protective Design Group


Our Portland office is participating in the annual month long Bike More Challenge. Companies challenge each other accumulating points for both number of riders and trips taken. We are currently #12 in the 50-199 employee category with 29 participants and over 3100 miles logged this month.



Commute Seattle and the Seattle Department of Transportation celebrated Bike Everywhere Month Friday the 13th in McGraw Square at 5th and Stewart Downtown. Between the Seattle and Special Projects offices we have 30 people signed up for the month long Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge. We hold a team lunch and photo to celebrate those who participate. 

Los Angeles

Why does our staff Bike to Work?

I ride to work because the morning commute is so much better on a bike than in a car. It's therapeutic to me in that it allows my mind to wander where it wants and it also allows me to meet up and ride with my good friends at the office. If I had the luxury of time, I would  ride to work every day. – Paul Chow, SE, LEED AP

I bike to work because it gives me a sense of connection to the world. After 20 minutes spinning on the bike, through traffic or through trails, I am focused on the moment, what I’m doing right now. It helps me achieve balance, maintain balance. No matter how my day has gone, it can’t help but improve via bicycle. I can’t think of a single ride that didn’t end with a big grin, even when I’ve crashed on the ride. It is truly my happy place. – John Greenheck, PE SE


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