Special Projects Celebrates their 20th Anniversary

In 1996, KPFF recognized that there are specialized issues 1997-spd-staff-pic.jpgassociated with the development of some projects, which require unique management and technical skills. Special Projects was established to directly address these concerns through a combination of prime consulting and project management services with an emphasis on ports and harbors. This month, KPFF SPD celebrates twenty years in the community, constantly striving to meet our clients’ needs with practical and cost-effective solutions.

At its origin, KPFF SPD was established by a group of professionals with shared goals of providing prime consulting and project management services. Principal Don Oates, who has been with the division since its inception in 1996, came into his position at SPD with no expectations, “I was drawn to the leadership and vision that Wade had and I wanted to be part of it.” Armed with passionate leadership to provide the vision and a group dedicated to the quality of their product, KPFF SPD has grown to 70 employees in 3 offices; Seattle, Tacoma, and Long Beach

As we continue to grow in staff size, so do our projects and the capabilities of our division. One project that our division’s combined strengths accomplished was the Pier T Container Terminal at the Port of Long Beach, CA. To Wade Watson, the original Reporting Center Manager of KPFF SPD, this project was a personal favorite as it had “an incredible number of technical challenges and it was challenging to provide leadership to a very large team over a period of several years.” It is challenges like those presented in the Pier T Container Terminal project that provided KPFF SPD with opportunities to learn and to grow.

With growth being a vital part of success, KPFF SPD takes this anniversary as an opportunity to not only reflect on the past twenty years, but also to the future. “I imagine that the leadership of this group will transition to the next generation” said Bill Armour, one of SPD’s original staff, adding that he believes “SPD offices in the Gulf Coast area and East Coast are more realistic every day. Don takes the vision of current and future staff to create an environment where they can enjoy their profession, flourish, and succeed.”

By whatever metric one might choose KPFF Special Projects Division has been incredibly successful and twenty years is a milestone to be proud of.


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