Continuing the Tradition of the Principals and Associates Meeting

Since 1993 KPFF has held a leadership retreat we now call the Principals and Associates Meeting. The goals of the meeting are simple: bring together the leadership within the firm, create and strengthen existing relationships, and share technical expertise. This year nearly 200 leaders descended on Park City, UT, including 20 new Associates. We asked for some feedback and picked up on a few themes…

A Collaborative Environment

“After spending a couple days with associates and principals from other offices, it really reinforced the notion that KPFF has the resources of a large engineering firm but each office maintains the personal connections and culture of a smaller firm. I met civil engineers from offices all over the country who offered up their experiences and support and encouraged future collaboration between offices which is a valuable tool to have. The small group discussions were great opportunities to discuss KPFF culture and how to not only be successful but have fun doing it!”
Cory Bannon, Civil Engineer
KPFF San Francisco

“My biggest takeaway from the P&A meeting was being inspired by the talent and expertise across all of KPFF’s offices. It really helped me see the importance of developing and maintaining relationships with people throughout the organization and continually looking for opportunities to collaborate.”
Jessie Godinho, Associate
KPFF Portland Structural, Blast Group

Exploring the Culture of KPFF

“My first Principals and Associates Meeting was a wonderful opportunity to get a real glimpse of the talent and abilities at KPFF. I appreciated hearing about the projects and avenues being pursued beyond my own reporting center. It is clear that interests and expertise vary but all are tied to our core values.”
Bekah Osterhaus, Associate
KPFF Special Projects Division, Tacoma

“I’m always struck by how many really smart and really cool people are within KPFF.  I particularly enjoyed a conversation with Jan Douglas from LA and Sylvie where we discussed the LA office’s women’s group and how excited she was by the things they were doing.”
Molly Seto, Associate
KPFF San Francisco

“I had a great time at the Associates meeting. I got to meet a huge number of fellow KPFFers from all over the country. I really enjoyed hearing that the things I enjoy about working for KPFF resonate with my colleagues. It was reassuring to see that the KPFF culture is a real thing throughout the company. The Peer-to-Peer presentations by other Associates shed some light on all of the amazing and diverse projects going on within KPFF. We really are an amazing company with some outstanding talent and drive.”
Ed Debroeck, Associate
KPFF Special Projects Division

“There are a lot of compassionate people working at KPFF who sincerely care about the advancement of others. The ‘supportive culture’ was prevalent in a number of presentations I attended and came up often in conversations I had with principals and associates throughout the meeting, not only in stories from their own background but also in their willingness to help myself and the SF Civil Group. It made me even more appreciative of the opportunities I have received here.”                                                
Ryan Beaton, Civil Survey Lead
KPFF San Francisco

“With so many different Reporting Centers and the decentralized nature of our organization, it was inspiring to see that the unique culture of KPFF has been maintained in all of the different offices.”
Jennifer Jirschefske, Associate
KPFF Los Angeles - Pasadena

Leaving Inspired

“The whole event was a true representation of our core values: Trust, Passion, Excellence, Stability and Relationships. I can see MANY joint opportunities in the future because of what I learned about our firm-wide capabilities and the individuals I met.”
Susie Smith, Associate, Marketing Director
KPFF San Francisco

“I though the content of this year’s meeting was particularly good – lots of historical renovation information that I like. One message that really resonated with me was to ‘Think differently and to challenge the norm.’ The message hit home while I attending the P2P presentation by LA structural on their innovative use of fluid viscous dampers.”
Jim Mogannam, Associate
KPFF San Francisco

“Such a welcoming and inspiring group of leaders. An impressive support base eager for all to grow and succeed in what we do today and decide to undertake tomorrow”.
Astrid Theeuwes, Associate
KPFF Los Angeles Civil

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